I started dancing 10 years ago with Salsa and Bachata while I was still living in Germany. 2014 was the year I got introduced to Kizomba, after I had moved to Canada.  I fell in love right away with it. When I dance Kizomba, I escape from daily life and get into the 7th heaven when I have a true connection with my dance partner.  I’ve also realize how dancing can revolutionize your life.  Through dancing I’ve learned self confidence, emotional intelligence, proper body mechanics,  and more.  I also made a lot of true friends that share parts of my life. I would like to share my dance journey with you through the KjzzFuzion project (click here)


I love dancing and the movement of the human body.  I started dance training in Junior High Schoool thanks to the DC Youth Program under Mayor Marion Barry.  I took Jazz, Ballet, Modern, Tap, and African Body Movement.  In College, I took dance classes my first year to cope with the stressors around me.  Eventually, I stopped dancing through adulthood.  Dance reentered my life in 2011 as a morale and welfare venture.  I learned Salsa, Bachata, and Merengue and used dance to help me release stressful energy.  In 2014, I was introduced to Kizomba.  It is my favorite dance and mastering it has been a labor of love (click here)