I started dancing 10 years ago with Salsa and Bachata while I was still living in Germany. 2014 was the year I got introduced to Kizomba, after I had moved to Canada. I fell in love right away with it. When I dance Kizomba, I escape from daily life and get into the 7th heaven when I have a true connection with my dance partner. I’ve also realize how dancing can revolutionize your life. Through dancing I’ve learned self confidence, emotional intelligence, proper body mechanics, and more. I also made a lot of true friends that share parts of my life. I would like to share my dance journey with you through the KjzzFuzion project.

Dancing is fun, inspiring, motivating. But there is another side of dancing that I would like to express : it helps us understand better who we are, allows us to build a social network that can be value added to our life, create or define our identity, get to our innerself. All these reasons brought me to think of a channel to deliver this message out there, and that is how i got to kjzzfuzion with Jaaiflo: we dance to express, to feel, to create a fusion.. and we dance fusion.. our dance.

I personally love to dance barfoot. It connects me to the mother earth and I feel completely grounded. It also amplifies my understanding of music and allows me to share more of my passion with my dance partner. On this path, I met Jaaiflo, and through our wonderful connection we decided to take this venture together: Kizomba, a dance for growth and happiness.

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Dance for growth and happiness. Join us!

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