Dancing To The Healthy You!


A KjzzFuzion perspective article on dance and health.  

I believe that the greatest gift you can give your family and the world is a healthy you.” – Joyce Meyer

People don’t usually have a great visual on how to get healthy.  In attempting to get healthy, they may invision small sad portions, rabbit food, and waking up at insane hours to go running in cold early mornings. In other words, health sounds boring, difficult, and even painful. We all want to be healthy, but at what price.  Do you need to sacrifice everything you enjoy to be healthy?

Many people will also search for fast and easy solutions to getting healthy.  Many will be tempted to try alternative diets or buy expensive exercising gadgets.  There easy solutions may promise swift results but are often false.  In the end, the steps are simple to getting healthy, not easy.  The simple steps are to eat better, exercise more, and be consistent.  Choose to do this as a lifestyle that is not boring or painful.  Avoid extreme dieting or exercise regimens.

There are many ways to stay active.  If you are someone who is easily demotivated by solitude and who loves music, you may enjoy dancing as a physical activity.

According to the Victoria State Government, dancing has numerous health benefits.  It offers weight management, increased muscular strength and endurance, coordination and agility, as well as improved psychological well-being. This means that the effects of dancing are not only physical, but also mental and emotional. Dancing can help create that balance between the difference facets of our daily lives to make us healthy.  Dancing, in simple terms, can help us achieve a better quality of life, free of extremes.  (“Dance – Health Benefits,”Better Health Channel, Victoria State Government, April 2013.)

Objectively, dancing has innumerable health benefits for people of all ages, young or old.  In a 2003 study from the New England Journal of Medicine, they analyzed the effects of leisure activities on the mental health of the elderly and concluded that participation in leisure activities, either cognitive or physical, decreased the risks of developing dementia in later years. Most interestingly, the activity that proved most effective at preventing dementia, according to the calculated hazard ratio, was dancing. It ranks above cognitive activities such as playing board games or a musical instrument.  (Joe Verghese, MD. et al. “Leisure Activities and the Risk of Dementia in the Elderly.” The New England Journal of Medicine, 19 June 2003.)

Whether you are a stressed teenager, a busy workaholic, an overweight person in search of more engaging solutions, or an aging retired individual, dancing may offers the change that you are looking for, and even more possibilities than you can image.  Identify your goals, do some research on the dance schools or clubs nearby, choose a style that works for you, and let rhythm take you away!

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