by KizzKonnect.

I live a very busy life and I like to do sport to find my balance, and I also like to eat healthily.

My passion for dance then leads me to move my body a lot as part of the dance, which allows me to maintain a continuous sporting rhythm while having a lot of fun.

Because of the dance, I sometimes travel to various places around the world to participate in festivals that gather dancers, to attend classes or simply to enjoy this beautiful hobby while dancing at dance evenings.

I noticed during my dance trips that one aspect that is neglected quickly is the aspect of nutrition. Indeed, it is more convivial in a foreign environment to go to alternatives like fast foods or to eat in a more convivial way in a restaurant of the place. But the question that arises is: Are these eating choices healthy ?

We know that physical activity complements well through nutrition to keep us healthy over the long term. In other words, it is good to move by dancing, and it is even better to eat well so to enjoy it longer.

This interrogation led me to become a “cook-to-go”-Person: Instead of buying meals, I decided to make them myself with few healthy ingredients that can be found everywhere. In this way, I always travel with my food containers, some ice pack and a thermos bag to transport my dishes. Once arrived at destination, I go to shop and buy specifically: frozen fresh green vegetables, brown rice, eggs, salt-free spices, spicy oil, a few boxes of lean sardines, chicken or fish, avocados, brown bread, and bottles of water. To round off my pleasure I also take a bottle of wine:)

Typically, when I am not at the hotel, I chose an accommodation where I can warm up dishes or do a minimum of cooking. So I prepare my chicken or fish, I cook my rice, and I put my meals in portions in the ready-to-go containers. If I am in a hotel, then I avoid buying foods that require cooking in my list. For example, I will take a roast chicken instead of a frozen chicken.

So, whether it’s a dance practice or a night out, I have my meals close to me and I keep eating healthy.

I think that adopting this healthy attitude adds up to the quality that I offer myself without preventing me from making the most of my dance journeys.

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